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Scarf Variety

  • Elmwood Ave. Festival of the Arts~Buffalo NY - August 26 & 27th
  • Quaker Arts Festival~Orchard Park NY ~ Sept.16 & 17th
  • WNY Fiber Arts Festival~Emery Park Ski Lodge, South Wales NY~Sept. 23rd 10AM-5PM
  • Fall into Art Festival~New Braunfels TX~Oct. 28th & 29th
  • Hill Country Art Show~Sun City Georgetown TX~ Nov. 4th & 5th 10-5
  • Laura's Library Artisan Show ~ Austin TX ~ Nov. 11th 10-4


Simply Santa Fe $48

Check Back Often 

I'm always adding new scarves, wraps, tops and more!


Special Orders

Do you have a special occasion, wedding or event? I would love to create a silk piece designed especially for you.   

Just click on the pic to contact me  and I can create that perfect piece!


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Join my mailing list.  Just click on the pic to the left and it will take you to the sign up page. I will only e-mail you  announcements about shows and special sales.  Don't worry,  your info is safe and I would never share it with anyone! 

About Silk

Silk is highly valued because it possesses many excellent properties. Not only does it look lustrous and feel luxurious, but it is also lightweight, resilient, and extremely strong, actually the strongest natural fiber on earth! Therefore silk is both practical and very durable, and with proper care, lasts a  lifetime.  Just wrap a piece around your neck and experience the sensation of this wonderful fabric!

Silk will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter making it the perfect fiber for apparel.  This is because air can easily permeate between the skin and the layer of silk, as compared to traditional cloth which is woven, with threads interlacing one another. Thus, with more flowing air between the skin and silk, wearing silk is more cooling. On the other hand, air does not flow through the layers of most silk wearables (some exceptions such as chiffon) like it does other fibers, therefore keeping you warm. 


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